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Franklin Boulevard over Lost Slough Bridge Replacement
The proposed replacement bridge will include two 12-ft traffic lanes with adjacent 6-ft paved shoulders on both sides. The shoulders will provide space for future Class II bike lanes, consistent with the Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan. The replacement bridge is anticipated to have a total width of 39 ft and will be horizontally aligned along the existing Franklin Blvd centerline. The total length of the project is expected to be approximately 2,900 ft, including the 520-ft long replacement bridge and roadwork (divided almost evenly between the north and south ends of the bridge) beyond the bridge abutments. The roadwork beyond the bridge abutments will include reconstructing the bridge approaches and shoulders. The replacement bridge will be constructed using pre-stressed precast concrete bridge construction methods. The new bridge structure will be approx. 2two feet higher than the existing bridge and will consist of a precast slab bridge with ten spans measuring approx. 520 feet in length. Nine bents containing seven piles each will support the new bridge and new concrete abutments will be constructed where the bridge structure meets the top of the banks of the slough. Three new retaining walls, approx. 150 feet in length each ,will be constructed along the northwest, northeast and southeast areas of the constructed approaches in order to allow for approach widening while maintaining the existing County roadway limits. Illustrates the footprint of the proposed of the proposed bridge design. Scour counter measures consisting of approx. 600 cubic yards of rock slope protection will be placed adjacent to both new abutments in order to avoid potential scouring during high flow periods. Additionally, the project proposal includes the installation of bat habitat devices beneath the bridge structure to accommodate roosting.
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Sacramento County Franklin Boulevard Bridge Replacement at Lost Slough (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2017-0003-R2).
Sacramento County Franklin Boulevard Bridge Replacement at Lost Slough
Sacramento County Franklin Boulevard over Lost Slough Bridge Replacement