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Shoemaker Bridge Replacement Project
The City of Long Beach (City), in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is proposing to replace the Shoemaker Bridge (West Shoreline Drive) in the City of Long Beach, California. The new bridge will be reduced to have two mixed-flow lanes in the NB and in the SB directions to tie the flow into SR-710. The new bridge will also include pedestrian and bicycle access. Additionally, bicycle, pedestrian, and street enhancements will be provided on adjacent thoroughfares. Currently, Shoemaker Bridge is under jurisdiction of the City and serves as the extension of West Shoreline Drive within downtown Long Beach to the SR-710 corridor. I-710 transitions into SR-710 south of Pacific Coast Highway. Since the existing Shoemaker Bridge is within City right-of-way (ROW), the City serves as the lead agency under CEQA. However, since the new Shoemaker Bridge would require federal funding and would be transferred to Caltrans for future ownership and maintenance, Caltrans serves as a responsible agency under CEQA, as well as the lead agency under NEPA. See NOC for full details.
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City of Long Beach Shoemaker Bridge Replacement Project
California Department of Transportation, District 7 Shoemaker Bridge Replacement Project
City of Long Beach Shoemaker Bridge Replacement Project