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Cypress Self Storage
Approval of: 1) a General Plan Amendment to amend the land use designation from Multi Family Residential (High Density) to Commercial; 2) a Rezone from M-12 (Multi Family Residential) District to P-1 (Planned Unit Development) District; and 3) Design Review (Development Plan) for new development of a 139,408 s.f. self storage facility (up to 3 stories tall) with a 1,024 sf office building on a 3.29 acre vacant lot located on the southern side of the East Cypress Road and Picasso Drive intersection. The site is zoned M-12 (Multifamily Residential) District. APN 033-012-004.
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2 documents in project

Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Oakley Cypress Self Storage (General Plan Amendment 03-15, Rezone 05-16, and Design Review 12-15)
City of Oakley Cypress Self Storage