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Baker Pump Station Project
ETWD proposes to upgrade the existing Baker Pump Station to deliver a constant flow of 5.0 cubic feet per second into the ETWD's R-6 Pressure Zone (R-6 Zone). The Baker Pump Station is located in the ETWD's R-6 Zone. The proposed project would include demolition of the existing pump station building and construction of a new pump station on the same parcel. Pump station improvements include mechanical and electrical upgrades would upsize this pipeline to 16-inch pipeline to supply suction pressure to the pump station. The proposed 16-inch diameter pipeline would be installed from the proposed pump station building to the tee in El Toro Road for an approx. length of 45 linear feet. The ETWD R-6 Zone includes distribution piping and services and floats off the 275 million gallon R-6 Reservoir. Based on the analysis conducted for the proposed project, along with the pump station improvements, additional off-site improvements would be required to deliver water into the R-6 Zone. Off-site improvements would be required at three primary locations: 2nd Street, Grace Community Church, and Cherry Booster Station. improvements along 2nd Street would include installation of a 12-inch pipeline from the proposed pump station to Springwater for an approximate length of 650 feet. Other off-site improvements would include installation of flow meter, construction of interconnection, and check valve removal which would require minimal construction.
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El Toro Water District Baker Pump Station Project
El Toro Water District Baker Pump Station Project