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Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk Project
The City of Laguna Beach is proposing the construction of a sidewalk along an approx. 0.5 mile stretch of Temple Hills Drive as part of the City's Capital Improvement Program. The proposed improvements would start at Palm Drive, terminate Dunning Drive, and be built on land owned by the City of Laguna Beach. The proposed project would include installation of a four foot sidewalk and associated curb and gutter along the east/southeast side of Temple Hills Drive. Approx. 10,560 sq. ft. of sidewalk would be installed in total. The project would require verification of right-of-way construction of the sidewalk, reconstruction of driveway approaches to meet City standards, installation of curbs and gutters, installation of curb ramps, storm drain improvements, and reconstruction of some private improvements.
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City of Laguna Beach Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk Project
City of Laguna Beach Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk Project