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Billig Parcel Map and Conditional Use Permit / SUB2013-00052
A request by DR. HARVEY BILLIG for a Vesting Tentative Parcel Map and concurrent Conditional Use Permit to 1): subdivide an existing 4.9 acre parcel into two parcels of 1.46 acres and 3.44 acres; and 2) construct a 2 story 36,503 sf assisted living facility (60 beds) on the 1.46 acres parcel, and a 2 story 70,419 sf hospital (behavioral health - 91 beds) on the 3.44 acre parcel including site improvements for grading, parking, and landscaping and includes a common driveway and shared parking between the proposed buildings. The request includes a modification to the height standards for the proposed hospital to allow a ht of 44 ft (to parapet wall facing Las Tablas) instead of 35 ft as provided by ordinance. The proposed project will result in the disturbance of approximately 3.5 acres and 22,230 cy of cut and 17,260 cy fill on a 4.9 acre parcel. The project is within the Office and Professional land use category.
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San Luis Obispo County (CO14-0020)
San Luis Obispo County Billig Parcel Map and Conditional Use Permit / SUB2013-00052