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Hudson Vineyard Winery #P14-00202-UP
Approval of a new Winery Use Permit to allow the following: a) production up to 80,000 gallons per year; b) construction of approximately 38,240 sf Type III cave; c) tours and tastings by appointment only on a daily basis up to a max of 120 visitors per day and a weekly max of 480 visitors; d) marketing events up to six per month with a max of 24 guests; e)marketing events up to seven per year with a max of 50 guests; f) marketing events up to three per year with a max of 150 guests; g) max of 16 employees; h) construction of a new winery hospitality building totaling 6,913 sf, with a commercial kitchen, 3,215 sf winery office building with storage and laboratory space, 20,545 sf of fermentation space in two structures, and 4,550 sf of covered crush pad; i) request for on premise consumption of wines produced on site within the hospitality building and outdoor areas as shown on the submitted plans consistent with Business and Professions Code 23356, 23390, and 23396.5; j) construction of a Transient Non-Community Water System (a water system to serve the winery, visitors, and employees); k) construction of a wastewater treatment system; l) construction of a wastewater treatment system; m) construction of a twenty ft wide access driveway to the proposed winery buildings; and n) landscaping improvements including a picnic area near the hospitality building.
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Napa County Hudson Vineyard Winery #P14-00202-UP
Napa County Hudson Vineyard Winery #P14-00202-UP