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1028 Canada Road
The project is part of a larger project that involves demolishing two existing main residences and nine accessory structures on 1028 Canada Road, San Mateo County. The project covered under the Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2016-0012-R3 CDFW is executing pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code, is limited to only the activities involving the demolition of two of the existing barns and removal of approx. six non-native blue gum eucalyptus trees within the riparian corridor of Dry Creek. The eucalyptus trees, ranging from approx. 50 to 62 inches in diameter, will be removed, and stumps set back from the bank of Dry Creek will be ground where possible without damaging and destabilizing the streambank. The stumps of the three trees situated on the bank will not be ground but will be treated with herbicide to prevent resprouting. Invasive weeds such as Himalayan blackberry, French broom and periwinkle will be removed by mechanical cutting, hand pulling, weed-wrenching and/or specific herbicide application where necessary. Native tree and shrub species will be planted to enhance and supplement the native understory trees present.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Woodside 1028 Canada Road Werdegar Residential Development Project
City of Woodside 1028 Canada Road