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CUP No. C-14-041, City of Fresno Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility
In consideration of the City of Fresno's Metropolitan Water Resources Management Plan (adopted June 18, 2014, with certified EIR SCH 2013091021), CUP No. C-14-041 authorizes development of the City of Fresno Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility (SESWTF) and related Water Division facilities. The first phase of the project, the SESWTF; is to be constructed on the 37-acre easterly parcel with an ultimate capacity of 80 million gallons per day; walls, fencing, landscaping, appurtenant infrastructure such as roadway/sidewalk improvements and installation of water pipelines and power, drainage, and communication facilities. Future project phases include a Water Division administration site with corporation yard; and photovoltaic arrays. SESWTF facilities to be constructed in the first phase of the project will include a pump station for treated water; two concrete underground treated water reservoirs, each holding 4 million gallons; standby generators; water treatment chemical storage and dispensing equipment; solids drying beds; a security system; a monopole telemetry antenna; and stormwater management facilities. The plant will receive water via a 6-ft diameter underground raw water pipeline and will distribute it via large-diameter and standard water mains. Permits for this facility will be obtained from the California Water Boards and from Fresno County for road work. The 19.99-acre westerly parcel will be used for temporary staging of SESWTF construction and for the subsequent administration site, which will include an office building, warehouse, rack storage for pipe and fittings, a meter shop, and electrical substation, and Water Division fleet servicing.
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City of Fresno Amended Environmental Assessment No. C-14-041, prepared for Conditional Use Permit No. C-14-041 for the Southeast Area Surface Water Treatment Facility
City of Fresno CUP No. C-14-041, City of Fresno Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility