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The project consists of approval by the DTSC of Removal Action Workplan submitted by BSK Associates Engineers & Laboratories on behalf of the Sanger Unified School District on Oct. 24, 2016. The purpose of the RAW is to mitigate potential risk to human health and the environment by the Contaminants of Concern (COC) in soils at three parcels (5, 8, and 9) located within a 116 acre Site that the Sanger Unified School District is planning to develop as a middle and high school education complex. The COCs are lead, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE), dichloro-dephynyl-trichlorethane (DDT), and dieldrin. The recommended removal action remedy, as deemed preferable by DTSC, combines excavation with offsite disposal of the impacted soil. The activities that would be conducted to implement this removal action are described below: Excavate approx. 320 bank cubic yards (CY) of impacted soil form identified location as follows - Parcel 5: Total of 250 CY at the barn, irrigation well, residence, and garage - Parcel 8: Total of 25 CY at the former structure - Parcel 9: total of 45 CY at the irrigation well If necessary, segregate and stockpile impacted soils that contain the COCs at the concentrations greater than the site-specific cleanup goals (CGs). Conduct confirmation soil sampling, compare confirmation data to the CGs, and excavate additional volume until CGs are met. Load and transport approx. 320 bank "in-situ" CY or 400 loose "fluff" CY of impacted soil to an appropriate disposal facility. If necessary, grade, backfill and compact previously excavated areas using clean import fill material (approx. 400 loos CY). Obtaining the import fill material will be in accordance with the current DTSC guidance on import fill material.
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Sanger Unified School District New Middle School and High School (a.k.a. Proposed Education Complex) Removal Action Workplan
Sanger Unified School District Educational Center
Sanger Unified School District Educational Center
Sanger Unified School District Educational Center