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Sunnyside Estate Project EIR
Project consists of approval by the DTSC of a Removal Action Workplan for the Sunnyside Estates site. DTSC's approval action is being undertaken pursuant to the regulatory authority granted under Chapter 6.8, Division 20 of the Health and Safety Code. The purpose of the RAW, which constitutes the project subject to approval by the DTSC, is to mitigate potential risk to human health and the environment from the contaminants of concern (COCs) in soil: arsenic lead, dieldrin, and DDE/DDT/DDD. The Site is being developed as a community with single-family residential units, a 3-acre park, landscaping, and private streets. Removal activities to be conducted pursuant to the RAW include the following: Excavate an estimated 3,000 cubic yards of COCs-impacted soil from locations previously identified during Site investigations; Approx. 500 cubic yards of the excavated contaminated soil will be disposed at a permitted facility. The remaining 2,500 cubic yards of soil will be consolidated below the utility zone beneath future paved roads.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Benito County Sunnyside Estates Removal Action Workplan
San Benito County Sunnyside Estates Project
San Benito County Sunnyside Estate Project EIR
San Benito County Sunnyside Estate Project EIR
San Benito County Sunnyside Estate Project EIR