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Well 28 Replacement
Existing Well No. 28 (Peacock and Radaker) is within the San Jacinto Upper Pressure Groundwater Management Zone and is located at 1930 East Mountain Avenue between Esplanade and Hemet Street in the City of San Jacinto. The proposed potable water Well No. 38 is the replacement for this well and is planned to be situated within the existing well site (approximately 3.5 acres). With recent collapse of this existing well, a replacement well is needed as soon as possible to provide critical local water supply and drought tolerance to the surrounding communities in the east valley area of the District. The existing well was designed as a deep well, approximately 1,500 feet, and at design capacity of 2,600 gallons per minute (gpm). The existing well (initially installed in December 1993) was equipped with a 9-stage, oil-lubricated Peerless 8LB vertical turbine pump drive by a 500-hp (initially 350-hp) electric motor. The wellhead and motor were housed inside a masonry building. The well operated at a discharge pressure ranging from 70-90 pounds per square inch (psi) into the adjacent 1,807-ft pressure zone. Over the past several years, the well production has declined from the intimal design capacity to approximately 1,000 gpm due to various reasons including declining water levels (Initial operation: 311-ft below ground surface (bgs) and prior to collapse: 534-ft bgs). In February 2012, the well collapsed and could not be recovered. Since, staff has removed the pump motor and capped the well head to prevent contamination and for safety.
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Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Eastern Municipal Water District-Well 28 Replacement
Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Well 28 Replacement