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GWF Outfall Removal Project
GWF Power Systems L.P. (GWF) proposes to remove its outfall structure; which has been out of use since 2012, from sovereign land in Suisun Bay and terminate its lease with the State Lands Commission. The outfall consists of an approximately 275-foot-long, 6-inch-diameter high density polyethylene pipe with fifteen 3-inch-diameter diffuser risers spaced at 30-inch intervals. In addition, two wood piles marking the outfall's location on the shoreline would be removed to at least 24 inches below the mudline. Removal activities would be carried out from a barge offshore. The pipe would be "peeled" out of the sediment in sections, using a chain, loaded onto the barge, and then sent to an appropriate facility for recycling or disposal. The State Lands Commission action is an amendment of a 30-year General Lease - Right-of-Way Use through August 1, 2018, to allow the removal of the outfall from the lease premises, acceptance of a lease quitclaim by the Commission, and subsequent termination of the lease.
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California State Lands Commission GWF Outfall Removal Project
California State Lands Commission GWF Outfall Removal Project