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Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project
The County of Riverside proposes to connect SR-195 to Ave 66 with a new railroad grade separation bypass south of the existing Ave 66 alignment. The new bypass would begin approximately 1,100 feet east of SR-86 (2,600 feet west of Lincoln Street) and crosses Lincoln Street approximately 1,900 ft south of SR 195. The new bypass then would continue east from Lincoln St going over SR 111, the UPRR railroad corridor, and Hammond Road with a bridge. The road would extend further to the east and connect to the existing Ave 66 at Home Ave. The proposed bypass consists of approximately 1.7 mi of two lane (1 lane each direction) roadway and a bridge with sufficient width to allow an ultimate four lane cross section. The bridge would be approximately 750 ft long, 94 ft wide, and striped for 2 lanes. Lincoln St would no longer connect to SR 195, but would become a cul-de-sac, providing access to adjoining properties. The project would include the construction of a bridge or culvert to span the Lincoln St Stormwater Channel's ultimate condition per the completed Mecca/North Shore Stormwater Master Plan. Existing utilities, including electricity, phone, gas, and irrigation would be relocated or protected in place. Current access from adjacent properties would be maintained or modified. The project does not preclude affected properties from having access similar to current access. Modifications to 12 in and 18 in sewer force mains located at Ave 66/Lincoln St intersection are included. A proposed 6 in sewer force main along the eastern roadway shoulder of Lincoln St from Ave 66 towards Ave 68, within the project area, is included. A 30 inch domestic water main within the project area between SR 195/Ave 66 to Ave 66/Home Ave in Mecca is also included. Right of way would be acquired along the project alignment. Partial acquisitions are anticipated at 12 parcels. Temporary construction easements would be needed throughout the project as well. The project would allow traffic to use Ave 66 and the 4th St crossing during and after construction.
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Riverside County Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement, Notification No. 1600-2018- 0157-R6)
Riverside County Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018-0157-R6)
Riverside County Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project
Riverside County Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project
Riverside County Avenue 66 Grade Separation Project