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EA 2013-0001 (Spring Valley Road Bridge Replacement Project)
CDFW is executing Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2014-0017-R2 pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant Yuba County Public Works Department. The project is limited to the replacement of the bridge and culvert which cross the two unnamed tributaries to Yuba River on Spring Valley Road and the installation of a temporary crossing. The existing bridge will be replaced with a longer structure located along the same alignment but slightly to the east for better alignment with the channel to minimize erosion. The bridge will consist of two 12-foot lanes and two 4-foot shoulders. The new bridge will consist of a cast-in-place, reinforced concrete-slab, single span bridge,. The abutments will be founded on spread footings. If deemed necessary, overhead utility poles and underground utility lines adjacent to the proposed bridge will be relocated within the project limits prior to construction beginning. At a maximum, the overhead utilities will need to be temporarily-de-energized. The existing bridge will be demolished and disposed of offsite. The demolition will begin by removing the concrete deck. Upon removing the concrete deck, the existing abutments and pier wall will be removed a minimum of 1-foot below original ground. The existing bridge will be tested for hazardous materials prior to construction and the bridge will be dismantled and disposed of in proper facilities based on the finding of the hazardous materials study. Spring Valley Road will be open to traffic during the construction of the replacement bridge. A temporary detour road of imported fill material and aggregate base surface will be constructed just east of the existing bridge to maintain traffic. A culvert will be placed under the temporary detour road to preven impediment of flows, but we do not anticipate flowing water in the channel during the timeframe construction will occur. In addition to replacing the existing bridge, culverts located southwest of the bridge will need to be extended so that the proposed roadway with metal bema guard rails can be installed. The existing and proposed improvements to the culverts will include reinforced concrete pipe and concrete headwalls. The anticipated ground disturbances in the project area will be confined to fill material placed for the temporary detour road, excavations in the existing roadway and excavation for false work pads or support foundations within the channel banks potential staging areas consist of the existing roadway and possibly and open area located east of Spring Valley Road and the existing bridge.
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Yuba County Spring Valley Road Bridge; Streambed Alteration Agreement Number 1600-2014-0017-R2
Yuba County EA 2013-0001 (Spring Valley Road Bridge Replacement Project)