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California Water Service Company - Station 70
CWSC-Salinas Hills proposed project will address water quality issues and provide a reliable water supply for emergency, operational, and fire flow needs for the users within the CWSC system area. This is a two-phase project and Phase 1 has been completed. The overall project included demolition of all existing facilities and equipment, and rebuilding of the water storage facility including construction of two above ground, welded steel water storage tanks, 150,000 and 170,000 gallons in size. Phase 2, the Project, includes destruction of the two existing groundwater wells, removal of six existing, 8,000-gallon plastic water storage tanks and pumping equipment, and construction of a 150,000 gallon bolted steel storage tank (44' diameter x 16' height) with a 3-foot-high concrete ring-wall foundation and associated piping. The construction area is 0.26 acres and will include planting of eight CA coast live oak trees (Quercus agrifolia) to replace trees of the same species that will be removed due to construction.
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Monterey County Operation of California Water Service Company (CWSC)- Salinas Hills - Station 70-01 Phase 2 - 0.15 MG Tank Project (Project)
Monterey County Operation of Station 70, Tank No. 4
Monterey County California Water Service Company - Station 70