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Schulmeyer Gulch Bridge Replacement Project
Project is limited to replacement of a deficient crossing structure at Schulmeyer Gulch and Old Hwy 99. The current structure is a concrete triple box culvert that measures 23 feet long and 31.75 feet wide. Work will consist of removing the existing structure with a backhoe or excavator and replacing the structure with a single-span concrete slab bridge on concrete abutments and driven steel piles in the same location. Approx. 143 cubic yards of standard rock slope protection will be placed around the concrete abutments both above and below the ordinary high water mark, as well as along 40' of streambank, to prevent scouring. A temporary traffic detour will be provided adjacent to the work area, but upstream of the crossing, and will consist of a ford-type structure, grading the existing channel and banks so that the crossing will be 24' wide and 3' deep. Base rock will be placed on top of a 3" layer of straw or geotextile fabric to delineate fill material. Once the new bridge has been built, the detour will be removed, all imported fill removed from the channel, ant he banks will be contoured to meet pre-project elevations and contours. Disturbed slopes will be seeded with a weed-free native seed grass mix.
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Siskiyou County Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2016-0119-R1
Siskiyou County Schulmeyer Gulch Bridge Replacement Project
Siskiyou County Schulmeyer Gulch Bridge Replacement Project