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Z11-0001/PD11-0001/TM11-1502/ Treviso II
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is executing Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2014-0165-R2, pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant, Steve Kessler representing Renasci Treviso II, LLC. The project is limited to: 1) Removal of the existing 91 foot, 24 inch diameter corrugated metal pipe CMP culvert and associated upstream and downstream rock slope protection. 2) Installation of a new 24 inch HDPE culvert within the same footprint at a greater depth below the soil surface. 3) Installation of a stormwater discharge point for two manmade, rock lined, stormwater runoff interceptor ditches running in a north-south direction from the seasonal drainage. As necessary the RSP may also be grouted to hold it in place. 4) Placement of a 156 foot long 8 foot X 3 foot Jensen precast cantilever box culvert over the existing seasonal drainage downstream of the existing CMP culvert. 5) Installation of two transition structures, one at each end of the proposed cantilever box culvert to transition the box culvert into the existing upstream culvert and facilitate joining the downstream end into a future additional planned culvert. These transition structures will be 8 foot X 10 foot concrete junction boxes. An 87 foot long 36 inch HPDE outfall pipe will be attached to the downstream end junction box. This entire assembly will then be covered by soil and compacted.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
El Dorado County Treviso II Stormwater Drainage Project (SAA No. 1600-2014-0165-R2)
El Dorado County Z11-0001/PD11-0001/TM11-1502/ Treviso II