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Water Tank #7 Replacement
The City is proposing to replace an existing 150,000-gallon redwood water tank, known as Tank #7, with a new welded steel 150,000-gallon tank. The tank is located within the Arcata Community Forest 700 feet southeast of CA Avenue on an approximately 0.15 acre site. The existing tank, which was installed in 1976 and is in poor condition with the potential for structural failure, is being replaced as part the City's ongoing storage tank upgrade program. Failure of the existing tank would render 140 households without domestic water and fire service protection. The City considers this replacement a high priority. The project capacity will remain at 150,000-gallon capacity as this is adequate to supply water to the households served by the tank, and to provide adequate fire flow. The existing tank is approximately 36 feet in diameter and 20 feet high. The new tank will be 36 feet in diameter and 21.2 feet high. The base elevation the new tank will be at 535 feet. The tank will be finished in a dark green color, consistent with other City steel tanks.
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City of Arcata Water Tank #7 Replacement
City of Arcata Water Tank #7 Replacement