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Castaic Conduit Bypass Pipeline
Castaic Lake Water Agency's (CLWA) two existing treatment plants, the Earl Schmidt Filtration Plant and the Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant, are connected through a series of transmission mains. The majority of these transmission mains are 54 inches in diameter and larger. However, an approximately 7,565-foot portion of the existing transmission system, known as the Castaic Conduit Pipeline, is only 39 inches in diameter and reduces to 36 inches before connecting to another 54-inch pipeline. This portion of the pipeline has historically caused reduced water pressure in portions of the transmission main system. Construction of the proposed Castaic Conduit Bypass Pipeline (Project) would eliminate this constriction by bypassing narrower sections of the pipeline with a new 54-inch-diameter pipeline connecting the existing larger sections. The pipeline would remedy low water pressure issues with turnouts in the Project vicinity, but would not increase the amount of water delivered to the turnouts or to the service area as a whole.
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Castaic Lake Water Agency Castaic Conduit Bypass Pipeline
Castaic Lake Water Agency Castaic Conduit Bypass Pipeline