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The Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan
The management of arsenic impacted soil above the site backgroud concentrations by excavation and on-site burial below a proposed community park and the offsite disposal of petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soils. The arsenic impacted soil will be covered with a three foot cap of soil not impacted with arsenic above site background concentrations. The soil cap will provide a separation from potential receptors in the park and the arsenic impacted soil.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Glendora Revised Removal Action Work Plan for Arsenic and Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Soils
City of Glendora Glendora 3 Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2011-0238-R5 (SAA))
City of Glendora Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan & Vesting Tentative Tract Maps 66608 & 66609
City of Glendora The Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan