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Red Clover Poco Restoration Project
The Project will restore a floodplain to improve groundwater storage functions, stabilize a tributary channel and meadows, and restore the mainstem channel and reduce fine sediment delivery to Red Clover Creek. The Project includes: Conducting pre-construction activities, including finalizing the Project design, assessing the feasibility of the pond and plug design, conducting a field meeting, and collecting and compiling data; stabilizing ~1 mile of channel tributary to Red Clover Creek and 33 acres of meadow using rock headcut treatments; excavating and making 35 ponds (51.4 acres of pond) and building 34 gully plugs (12.5 acres of plug), redirecting flows from the gully into an existing remnant channel, constructing a fish passable rock grade control structure, and installing boulders in the floodplain at two sites; addind gravel to 1.5 mile of County Road 111; installing ~13,200 ft of liverstock fencing; conducting pre- and post-construction photo documentation; submitting "as-built" drawings, and monitoring and evaluating the Project.
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Plumas County Red Clover Poco Restoration Project
Plumas County Red Clover Poco Restoration Project