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El Rancho Bridge (29C-311) Replacement Project
The project is limited to removing a 58 ft long, 21 ft wide, three-span timber bridge and replacing it with a 110 ft, 6 inch long, 31 ft, 10 inch wide, three-span concrete flat slab bridge. The proposed flat slab bridge will be supported with no more than 10 concrete piles not to exceed 24 inch diameter per pile. Construction activities will include removal of the current bridge by small equipment assisted by a tractor, existing pile removal using a crane, vibratory hammer, direct pull, and clamshell equipment, pile driving of 24-inch diameter (maximum) concrete piles to be hammer-driven directly into the slough from a pile-driving crane behind the existing abutments, removal of existing timber abutments, construction of new concrete abutments, construction of the bridge deck using new or false work piles and a crane, and restoration of the disturbed bank.
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San Joaquin County El Rancho Road Bridge Replacement Project
San Joaquin County El Rancho Bridge (29C-311) Replacement Project