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Fink Road Landfill In-Fill Project
The project is designed to extend the life of the landfill by using existing space within the landfill that is not being used for refuse disposal. This interior expansion of the landfill will not extend beyond the currently permitted disposal area boundary of the Fink Road Landfill. The objective of the In-Fill Project is to provide ~10-20 yrs of additional capacity. The current landfill design life is estimated to extend to 2023. An additional objective is to increase the landfill height to provide a final closure design that is more conductive to the surrounding terrain than the currently approved final landfill closure configuration. Other objectives of the project are to accomplish the In-Fill Project without increasing the daily tonnage, vehicle trips, or change in the classification of the non-hazardous municipal solid waste materials currently accepted.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Stanislaus County Issuance of a Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit (SWFP) for the Fink Road Landfill, SWIS Number 50-AA-0001
Stanislaus County Fink Road Landfill In-Fill Project
Stanislaus County Fink Road Landfill In-Fill Project