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Garner Basin
The Project is a modification and an improvement to an existing basin that has been in use for many year. The Project includes the construction of a single-cell 36.6 acre basin. The existing basin would be significantly expanded and the location of the basin shifted slightly to allow and adjacent landowner to reclaim some agricultural land. The portion of the existing basin that is to be reclaimed would be filled to match grade with adjacent fields with material fromt he newly excavated basin. The basin would be excavated to a maximum depth of 8 ft. Excavated materials would be used to create the new basin's levees, onsite grading, and to reclaim some of the existing basin area. The remaining excavated material is planned to be sold to other agencies or the public, if necessary. There is a reasonable expectation that the excess material from excavation of the site will be utilized for road fill for the State of California widening of SR 198. Approximately 8 willow trees (2 large trees and 6 smaller trees) would be removed during project construction.
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Kings County Garner Basin Project
Kings County Garner Basin