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Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project
Note: Extended Review The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is proposing a project to increase water supply reliability during dry years and in emergencies, by increasing water storage in the South Westside Groundwater Basin during wet and normal years for subsequent recapture during dry years. The proposed project consists of the construction and operation of 16 new groundwater production wells and water treatment facilities to recover the stored groundwater. Each well facility would include the construction of a groundwater production well and associated fenced enclosure or treatment building, distribution pipelines to connect the well to the existing regional water system or to the local distribution system, and overhead or underground utility connections. Most well facilities would provide disinfection and additional treatment (i.e., pH adjustment, fluoridation, and/or iron/manganese removal). In addition, the proposed project includes upgrades to the Westlake Pump Station to serve three new well facilities (Sites 2, 3, and 4), including new fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia chemical storage tanks, replaced or upgraded chemical metering pumps, a resized transformer, and up to three new booster pumps to deliver the additional water into the Daly City distribution system, all of which would be located within the existing pump station building.
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City and County of San Francisco Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project
City and County of San Francisco Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project