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Calaveras River McGurk's C14-C Pump
The California Department of Fish and Game is executing Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement number 1600-2009-099-R2, pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant, Kevin Kauffman, Stockton East Water District. The project involves the installation of a river pump station in the Calaveras River. The Construction involves the excavation of approximately 24.66 cubic yards of soil and replacing it with 18.8 cubic yards of rip-rap, for bed and bank protection. Approximately 0.48 cubic yards of concrete will be used to form a 4' x 4' concrete slab foundation within the bank of the Calaveras River. A 12" irrigation outlet with a quick release will be placed on the north river bank to connect to the property owners existing irrigation line. Water will be pumped (diverted) from April to October 15th each year. Pump will be physically removed by November 1st each year.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Stockton East Water District Calaveras River McGurk's C14-C Pump Project. SAA 1600-2009-0099-R2
Stockton East Water District Calaveras River McGurk's C14-C Pump