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Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station Master Plan
The City of Elk Grove proposes to construct an intermodal rail station south of the Sheldon Road/Elk Grove Florin Boulevard intersection on the west side of Elk Grove Florin Road at the UPRR tracks. Because exact locations and design details of many of the project's features have not been determine at this point in the planning process, the project is being analyzed as a Master Plan. Subsequent projects in future stages of the planning process that include more detailed design will be included under the scope of this Master Plan and its associated environmental analysis. The proposed project would include the following primary features: - New signalized intersection at Elk Grove-Florin Road just south of Sheldon Road - Installation of frontage improvements (curb and sidewalk), and addition of third through-traffic lane and bicycle land along southbound Elk Grove-Florin Road beginning at the northern limits of the project area and ending at Camden Road. From a point approximately 100 feet south of where Elk Grove-Florin Road crosses the UPRR tracks, the new southbound sidewalk, bike lane, and traffic lane will connect with an existing widened portion of Elk Grove-Florin Road south to Camden Road. -800 feet long Passenger platform -Passenger loading zones -Approximately 110 Designated parking areas; -Pedestrian/bicycle trail; -Bicycle lockers; -Bridge over Whitehouse Creek; -Landscaping; -Water detention basin; and -An area for a future 1,500sf building at the platform.
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City of Elk Grove Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station
City of Elk Grove Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station
City of Elk Grove Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station