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Persson Minor Subdivision
The project consists of a parcel map subdivision of an existing +/- 10.2-acre parcel creating three parcels ranging in size from 1.08 acres to 1.27 acres, and a remainder parcel of 6.7 acres. The remainder parcel is already developed with a residence and residential outbuildings and an on-site sewage disposal system. The area is served by community water, but the one-acre minimum reflects the parcel sizes needed to support on-site sewage disposal systems. All parcels will be accessed via public roads. The project also involves an exception to the lot frontage requirement to permit a flag lot design for proposed remainder parcel pursuant to Section 7-2 of the Subdivision Regulations. The site drains to the southwest toward Orton Creek and Elk River. There are no known wet areas or other watercourses in the vicinity of this site.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Persson Minor Subdivision
Humboldt County Persson Minor Subdivision