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Hillcrest West Tentative Tract Map 18553
The proposed project is the development of the approximate 69-acre site into 219 single-family residential lots, roadways, and related appurtenances. The project will also include the construction of detention basins at a north central location and the southeast corner of the site. The project is proposed to be developed in six phases, beginning on the southern portion of the site and extending to the eastern, central and western, northern, and western portions of the project site. Roadways and landscaping will be installed in each phase as development occurs. The project also includes the provision of an open space area within the northwestern portion of the project site, which is within the identified FEMA floodplain area. Access to the proposed subdivision would be provided at two locations on the east side of the project from two locations on Jasper Road.
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City of Barstow Hillcrest West Tentative Tract Map 18553
City of Barstow Hillcrest West Tentative Tract Map 18553