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Bayview Estates Residential Project (2021)
The Draft EIR analyzes the proposed development of a phased 144-unit residential subdivision on approximately 78.2-acres of vacant land in the Vine Hill/Pacheco Boulevard area of unincorporated Contra Costa County. The proposed Project includes the following major components on and adjacent to the Project site: (1) A Vesting Tentative Map (VTM) for development of up to 144 detached single-family homes and associated new internal roadways on approximately 31.8 acres of the Project site. (2) Approximately 46.4 acres of open space, marshes and undeveloped land, including (a) the preservation of approximately 20.1 acres of the upper hill area shown as “Parcel A” on the VTM; (b) the preservation of approximately 19.8 acres of the lower site areas (containing wetlands, coastal salt marsh, freshwater marsh, open water, and alkali meadow) shown as “Parcel B” on the VTM; and (c) the development of a new 2.0-acre stormwater treatment basin, in accordance with the County’s C.3 Guidebook, and shown as “Parcel F” on the VTM. (3) Development of an approximately 4.5-acre private neighborhood park in proximity to “Parcel B” and “Parcel F”. (4) Onsite grading of approximately 900,000 cubic yards of earth material for residential subdivision development, including substantial grading of the lower hill area and limited grading of the upper hill area in order to balance overall project cut and fill earthwork volumes. (5) Extension of new utility lines to and throughout the Project site, and the repair and upgrade of existing off-site utility lines. (6) Improvement of two existing off-site roadways, Central Avenue and Palms Drive, to better accommodate two lanes of moving vehicular traffic to/from the Project site. (7) A tree permit to remove up to 30 code-protected trees. (8) Exceptions to Title 9 relating to roadway and detention basin standards; also to Division 98 (Streets) and Division 914 (Drainage) of Title 9 of the County Ordnance Code. The Draft EIR analysis also analyzes the Projects proposed amendment to the existing heavy industrial General Plan and zoning designations to accommodate the proposed residential use.
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Contra Costa County Bayview Estates Residential Project (2021)
Contra Costa County Bayview Estates Residential Project
Contra Costa County Bayview Estates Residential Project