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Ridgewood Village Development Project GPA-06-03/ZR-06-15/FMS-06-04/PUD-06-02
The proposed project is a multi-phased mixed-use subdivision of four existing parcel numbers (303-101-002, 003, 004, 005) totaling 385.57 acres. The project would include two general land portions that are identified in the ECP's Land Use Diagram: the northern 320 acres, which are currently designated Residential Low Density (RL) and Planned Development with a 700 unit maximum; and the southern 66 acres, which are currently designated RL (Humboldt County 1995 and 2007). The northern 320 acres are proposed for residential development at a variety of densities to serve a broad range of housing needs and income levels. This is also the location of most of the Greenway/Open Space (GO) lands to be dedication to a currently unidentified conservation non-profit or similar organization (Humboldt County 2007). Development on these 320 acres would be arranged in neighborhoods clustered along the western and eastern ridges on land with less than 30% slope. The southern 66 acres are proposed for a "village/neighborhood center" to serve project residents and surrounding neighborhoods. Uses in this area would include commercial and residential mixed use, neighborhood commercial, and multi-family housing. An open space parcel or parcels would be donated to the County, a non-profit conservation organization, or a project homeowner's association (HOA) with each phase.
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Humboldt County Forster-Gill Development Project
Humboldt County Forster-Gill Development Project