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ALS User Support Building
The project will construct a three-story, approximately 30,000 gross square-foot (gsf)/17,416 net square foot (nsf) User Support Building (USB). The USB would be approximately 48 feet in height and is limited to three standard-height laboratory/office floor levels. The site is currently occupied by existing Building 10, a two-story approximately 16,038 gsf structure constructed in 1944, which would be demolished as a part of the project. The USB would be used for the precision component assembly of experimental equipment, two-story beamline equipment staging, a potential figure beamline extension from the ALS building, chemical and biological prep laboratories, chemical storage, and office space. Office/Office Support space would account for 10,005 nsf and Lab/Lab Support would account for 7,411 nsf. The remaining 13,000 nsf of the USB would consist of lesser used areas in the building including, but not limited to, elevator shafts, ductwork shafts, and stairwells. At peak capacity, the project would accommodate approximately 85 occupants, however, because they would be relocated from other buildings on the LBNL site the project would not result in a substantial net population increase at LBNL.
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University of California, Berkeley Advanced Light Source User Support Building (USB)
University of California, Berkeley ALS User Support Building