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Nichols Grove
The proposed project, located adjacent to the northern border of the City of Wheatland, is on the eastern edge of the northern Sacramento Valley within the Wheatland Sphere of Influence. The proposed project consists of a residential and mixed-use development, Nichols Grove Tentative Map, and the annexation to the City of Wheatland and prezone of ten adjacent non-participating properties. The proposed Nichols Grove Tentative Map project is a development of up to 1,609 dwelling units on approximately 485.5 acres. The Nichols Grove Tentative Map site consists of the Nichols Ranch property (Assessor's Parcel Number [APN] 015-150-092) and the Powell property (APN 015-360-003). The non-participating properties portion of the proposed project includes the annexation of a total of 110.67 acres of unincorporated land to the City of Wheatland. The non-participating properties are identified as APNs 015-140-056, 015-260-001, 015-260-002, 015-260-003, 015-260-004, 015-500-008, 015-500-011, 015-500-013, 015-500-020, and 015-610-001.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Wheatland Nichols Grove
City of Wheatland Nichols Ranch