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Cucamonga Canyon Rehabilitation Project
The California Department of Public Health (Department), as the responsible agency, will be issuing a water supply permit. The original 2006 project involved repairing damage from flood events. The original project consisted of repairing the access road and pipelines, removing the sediment, and repairing the damaged inlet facilities and control features. Environmental impacts as a result of the project included two (2) acres of land disturbance. Mitigation measures consisted of restoring and enhancing 2 acres of in-kind habitat within the project area of cucamonga Creek. On September 3, 2012, the CVWD prepared addendum 1. During the heavy storm events of 2010, excessive runoff from the canyon caused significant damage to the intake basins. In an effort to minimize the impact of future storm runoff, the District redesigned the intake basin facility within the same footprint of the original facilities. The modification set forth in Addendum No. 1 constituted a minor technical change to the original project intended only to address this runoff issue and the addendum found that the changes would not result in any significant environmental effects. In September 2013, the District drafted addendum 2 and proposed to ease 17 acres of District-owned land with an endowment to an approved natural resource management entity, i.e. the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD) for the purpose of conservation in perpetuity. Of the 17 acres, 0.5 acre will be set aside as mitigation required by the original 2006 project and 1.5 acres will be set aside for the mitigation required by addendum 1. The remaining 15 acres will be set aside for future CVWD projects, which have not yet been proposed and are not a part of the Cucamonga Canyon Rehabilitation Project. The District has determined that the changes proposed in addendum 2 do not constitute a substantial change in the project which would result in any new significant or substantially increased environmental impacts, and constitute only a minor technical change in the project, and so would not require a separate, full environmental review.
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Cucamonga Valley Water District Operation of Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) Arthur H Bridge Water Treatment Plant Filter Upgrade Project
Cucamonga Valley Water District Cucamonga Canyon Rehabilitation Project
Cucamonga Valley Water District Cucamonga Canyon Rehabilitation Project
Cucamonga Valley Water District Cucamonga Canyon Rehabilitation Project