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T.E.R.I. Major Use Permit
Educational training and research facility for up to 305 students and 204 staff persons on a 19.98-acre property. The project would include classrooms and recreational facilities for children and adults with developmental and learning challenges. The proposed structures would be used for education, research, vocational and parental training, administration, maintenance equipment, agricultural uses, recreational activities, childcare, storage and horse keeping. The project is subject to the General Plan Land Use Designation (19) Intensive Agricultural and the Use Regulation is A70 (Limited Agricultural).
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Diego County T.E.R.I. Inc., Major Use Permit for an Educational Facility; P02-019/ER02-08-046
San Diego County T.E.R.I. Major Use Permit
San Diego County T.E.R.I., Inc.; P02-019, Log No. 02-08-046