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Round Pond Winery / Use Permit #03529-UP
Approval to modify original Use Permit #03529-UP to allow the following: Increase production from 20,000 gallons per year to 100,000 gallons per year; Remove the following condition of approval limiting custom production activities under approved use permit #03529-UP; Construct a new 14,775 sf production building to be used primarily for barrel storage; Increase employee numbers from 4 full-time and 3 part-time employees to 10 full-time (at peak) and 4 part-time (at peak) employees; Increase parking from the existing 13 parking spaces (11 previously approved) to 43 parking spaces; Expand Days of Operation form 6 days a week to seven days a week; Increase tours and tasting by appointment only from a maximum of 15 visitors on the busiest day to a maximum of 60 visitors on the busiest day with a maximum of 360 person per week; Revise the previously approved Marketing Plan; Convert the existing leach field system form combined process and domestic wastewater to domestic wastewater only; Constructa new pretreatment and subsurface drip disposal systems for process wastewater; Construct a two-way left turn lane on Rutherford Road/SR 128 between the Round Pond Winery and Honig Winery driveways; Obtain a Lot Line Adjustment to bring the proposed parking area into the winery parcel; Provide new landscaping.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Napa County Round Pond Winery, Inc. Use Permit Major Modification #P08-00548-MODMAJ
Napa County Round Pond Winery / Use Permit #03529-UP
Napa County Round Pond Winery / Use Permit #03529-UP
Napa County Round Pond Winery / Use Permit #03529-UP