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Northlake Specific Plan Phase I, Project No. 98-047 (CUP, VTTM51852, SP and Development Agreement Amendment)
The proposed project is a request for a Specific Plan and Development Agreement amendment of the Northlake Specific Plan (Specific Plan) to remove the requirement of a golf course, permit schools serving grades kindergarten through 8th, provide flexibility to locate the required library site within or off-site in close proximity to the Specific Plan area, and modify the recycled water system for the golf course and landscape irrigation; approval of VTTM 51852 to subdivide Phase One area of the Specific Plan into 1151 lots; and two separate CUPs, one for site plan review of VTTM 51852 and Specific Plan conformance and the other for off-site grading. VTTM 51852 involves the development of approximately 670 acres of the 1,330-acre Specific Plan area. The Tentative Tract Map proposes the development of 1053 single family residences; 645 multi-family residences; one commercial lot; four industrial lots; a recreation center; a school; 22 park lots; 48 open space lots; and debris basin lots. Other proposed infrastructure improvements include a network of streets, seven water tanks, and the relocation of an existing oil pipeline as well as telecommunications, gas, and water lines. Approximately 30.8 million cubic yards of earthwork consisting of approximately 19.5 million cubic yards of bulk earth movement (cut and fill) and 11.3 million cubic yards of remedial earthwork and final grading is proposed. Grading will occur over an approximate 672-acre rough grade footprint, plus an additional 24.8 acres of grading related to the water tanks and electric transmission tower re-alignment. This footprint includes the approximate 77-acre adjacent borrow site from which bulk earth movement of approximately 5.8 million cubic yards of cut material will be obtained.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Los Angeles County Northlake Specific Plan Phase I, Project No. 98-047 (CUP, VTTM51852, SP and Development Agreement Amendment)
Los Angeles County Northlake Specific Plan Phase 1 Implementation County Project No. 98-047, Tract No. 51852