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San Diego Tank Consolidation
Coastal Development Permit/Barrio Logan Planned District Permit No. 99-1127 to demolish a 1.7-acre fuel tank farm (lower site), located at 2205 Belt Street, by converting a 48-foot high fuel storage tank to storm water storage and removing seven 48-foot high fuel storage tanks, all underground and surface piping, two underground waste water storage tanks, and retaining all monitoring wells, vapor extraction wells and other monitoring devices as required by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health (DEH). Renovate a 3.1 acre fuel tank farm (upper site) by removing seven 36-foot to 46-foot high fuel storage tanks, one 42-foot high water storage tank, one additive tank, relocating an existing 36-foot high transmix tank, and installing four 56-foot high fuel storage tanks with above ground piping, replacing at least four monitoring wells and one vapor extraction well, retaining all other existing monitoring equipment and devices, and installing new on-site and off-site monitoring wells, vapor extraction wells and related equipment, as required by the County DEH. In addition, the paved truck parking, employee parking, truck loading area and driveway access from North Harbor Drive would be reconfigured, as well as various other improvements including the addition of landscaping.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of San Diego Chevron San Diego Fuel Terminal - Lower Tank Farm Demolition
City of San Diego San Diego Tank Consolidation
City of San Diego San Diego Tank Consolidation