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Two Year Time Extension for Map TM-28728 with Grading Deviations
On January 22, 1998, the City Planning Commission approved TM-28728 involving the subdivision of 152 acres into 66 single family residential lots and five open space lots implementing the Planned Residential Development, PD-001-912, approved in 1994 and partially constructed under TM-23027 (SCH#97121096, 2000121084&93112050). The Map, TM-28728, is broken into four phases. The phases are broken down as follows: Phase 1 Lots 1-35, 80-86, portion of 89 and 92. This phase recorded on July 16, 1998. Phase 2 Lots 63-76, 90 and a portion of 89. Phase 3 Lots 36-46, 77-79, portion of 88, 91 and 92 (new open space lot proposed under this time extension). Phase 4 Lots 47-62, 87 and a portion of 88. The map expired on July 22, 2000, and the applicant submitted a timely request for a time extension prior to the expiration date. However, staff noted that since the adoption of the new Grading Ordinance the project would require grading deviations which should be addressed under the time extension. Grading for this tract was originally approved in 1994 by the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) under EP-016-912. To address the grading deviations staff required updated biological reports for the property which due to the required protocol for some of the species took a considerable amount of time to prepare. Therefore, the subject of this initial study involves a two-year time extension for TM-28728 and grading deviations for 27 residential lots and a portion of five streets lots. The proposed grading deviations are to allow the building pad and/or manufactured slopes for lots 39-41, 43-49, 57-66, 68, 77 and 78 and portions of street lots C, E, G, H and I to encroach into the limits of the Alessandro Arroyo. Additional grading deviations may be necessary for proposed pad sizes in excess of the limits set by the Grading Ordinance.
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City of Riverside Two Year Time Extension for Map TM-28728 with Grading Deviations
City of Riverside TM 28728