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Pacifica Bowl Development
The City of Pacifica has received an application for the development of approximately 4.2 acres of vacant land with 43 residential housing units, an interior driveway and road network and a private park/open space area. The project is a planned development cluster subdivision. The area proposed for the project is a relatively undisturbed, vegetated, bowl-shaped site on the eastern side of the 4000 block of Palmetto Avenue, just south of the Daly City boundary. The project site, commonly referred to as the "Fish and the Bowl," is bounded on the south by State Route 1, on the west by Palmetto Avenue and on the north and east by the Pacific Point housing development. The project will require a Use Permit, Site Development Permit, Coastal Development Permit, Tentative Subdivision, and a Variance for the rear yard setbacks. The Applicant intends to conduct the grading and construct the infrastructure for the project in a single phase. The duration of the clearing, grubbing and rough grading of the site will be approximately two months. Offsite improvements such as roads, sewer, and storm drainage hookups will last in duration approximately four months. As part of the proposed project, the existing 18" culvert opening that drains to the ocean will be capped and buried with the proposed design and will not be incorporated into the new drainage system.
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City of Pacifica Pacifica Bowl Development
City of Pacifica Pacifica Bowl EIR
City of Pacifica Pacifica Bowl EIR