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Clear Lake Basin 2000 Phase II US EPA Region IX (NEPA)
The proposed action addressed by this Environmental Assessment / Initial Study is the second project developed to meet the objectives of the Clear Lake Basin 2000 Clean Water Initiative, a long-range program for environmental protection and optimization of wastewater generated within the Clear Lake Basin. The proposed action would integrate regional water reuse capabilities by providing a pipeline connection between LACOSAN's Northwest RWTP and Southeast RWTP. Additionaly, the proposed action would provide additional reuse opportunities through the construction of wetlands along the pipeline route. The proposed action would include the following components: --Construction of a Wetlands Flow Control Facility at the Northwest RWTP to provide a usable storage capacity of up to 2,200 acre-feet. --Construction of a 16-inch, 24-mile wetlands interconnection pipeline and related facilities between the Northwest RWTP and the Southeast RWTP. This includes implementation of a three mile segment between the Clearlake Oaks WWTP and the Southeast RWTP by Clearlake Oaks County Water District. Two pump stations would also be constructed. --Construction of up to 11 constructed and / or enhanced wetlands at LACOSAN facilities. These components would be integrated with existing facilities, including the Northwest RWTP, the Clearlake Oaks WWTP, the Southeast RWTP, and the Southeast Geysers Effluent Pipeline, to provide integrated recycled effluent use within the Clear Lake Basin. All facilities under the proposed action would be designed as a "closed system" for zero discharge of applied recycled water, and would comply with Waste Discharge Requirements established by the Central Regional Water Quality Control Board.
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Lake County Sanitation District Clear Lake Basin 2000 Phase II US EPA Region IX (NEPA)
Lake County Sanitation District Clear Lake Basin 2000 Phase II US EPA Region IX (NEPA)