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Campbell Gulch Diversion Reconstruction Project
As the community’s only reliable source of potable water, CWD has determined that the existing diversion infrastructure, originally built to collect surface water from Campbell Gulch, must be replaced with an improved system to ensure the CWD can continue providing an adequate water supply to its customers. The proposed improvements to the facility include: remove the existing diversion structure; construction of a new cast-in-place concrete spillway intake structure with screening to prevent the intake of vegetative growth, excess leafy debris, or ice; removal of an existing exposed conveyance pipeline within the creek bed approximately 650 feet downstream of the diversion; and installation of 60’ linear feet of a 6” PVC conveyance pipeline at a minimum depth of 5 feet below the streambed of Campbell Gulch where the old pipeline is removed. The new pipeline will be installed by trenching through Campbell Gulch. Aggregate base rock and large rocks up to twelve inches in diameter will be imported to be used as fill material for the proposed diversion structure, access road, and stream channels. Prior to the in-stream construction activities at the diversion structure and pipeline replacement locations, Campbell Gulch flows must be diverted upstream from the Project area via a temporary coffer dam and pipeline diversion system and then released downstream from the Project area. The use of a small pump (1-2hp) may be required to aid the dewatering where the water supply conveyance pipe crosses Campbell Gulch. In addition, CWD proposes improvements to the site access road to provide a safe, reliable route to the new diversion structure. Prior to the installation of the new diversion structure and transmission pipeline, regrading and shaping of the surrounding terrain are required to prepare the site for the placement of materials and to provide suitable construction access. Clearing and grubbing of trees, fallen wood, and debris are required to ensure the workers have a safe working environment, free of hazardous conditions. The Project Site consists of three locations: the diversion structure study area, the transmission pipeline replacement study area and the staging area study area, resulting in a total potential disturbance area of approximately 1.86-acre.
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Camptonville Communty Services District (CCSD) Campbell Gulch Diversion Reconstruction Project
Camptonville Communty Services District (CCSD) Campbell Gulch Diversion Reconstruction Project