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Maverik Store at Sheldon Road and West Stockton Boulevard
The proposed project includes a 5,637 square foot single-story convenience store with a small outdoor dining area, a covered 20-pump gas station, parking for up to 39 vehicles including two Americans with disabilities spaces, space for two high speed Level III electric vehicle charging stations, and bike storage. The proposed project also includes two side-by-side underground fuel storage tank and landscaping. The convenience store and gas station would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and would employ 15 to 18 people. Five to eight employees would be on shift at a given time. The convenience store would offer food to order. Project access would be via two driveways along Sheldon Road and West Stockton Boulevard. Both driveways would be limited to right in and right out only. The driveway access to and from West Stockton Boulevard requires crossing a small portion of a drainage swale, approximately 1,000 square feet, within the Caltrans right-of-way that runs along the easterly side of the project site. The project includes utility improvements, removal of two trees, as well as new landscaping and lighting. If the project is approved construction would take approximately 8 months to complete. Construction of the underground fuel storage tank would require excavating an area 10 to 12-feet deep. The earthwork is estimated at approximately 5,000 cubic yards of cut and 5,000 cy of fill for a net balanced site. The project is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for the gas station and a variance for the driveway location, which are discretionary approvals, along with a variety of ministerial permits including a tree permit relating to the tree removal and a sign permit. Permits from other agencies may be required. These include a permit to construct and operate the gas station from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and an encroachment permit for work in the Caltrans right-of-way that would be issued by Caltrans District 3.
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City of Sacramento Maverik Gas Station at Sheldon Road & West Stockton Boulevard Project (P21-029)
City of Sacramento Maverik Store at Sheldon Road and West Stockton Boulevard