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Administrative Use Permit PA-2200136
An Administrative Use Permit application to expand an existing personal storage facility in 2 phases over 5 years. Phase 1, with permits issued within 36 months, includes a 24,300-square-foot storage RV and personal storage building. The construction of the Phase 1 building includes using of Development Title Section 9-405.060(a)(2) for 100% linear expansion of a building with a non-conforming setback. Phase 2, with permits issued within 5 years, includes the construction of 2 buildings totaling 33,400 square-feet. The expansion will include the development of 3 new storage buildings totaling 57,700 square-feet. The parcel is served by Lockeford CSD for water and sewer, and CSA 52 for storm drainage. These parcels are not under a Williamson Act Contract. (Use Type: Equipment Sales and Repair-Leisure Storage, Warehouse Storage and Distribution-Personal)
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Joaquin County Administrative Use Permit No. PA-2200136
San Joaquin County Administrative Use Permit PA-2200136