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Downtown Vitalization Specific Plan
The intended purpose of the Specific Plan is to establish a direct connection between the City of Marina’s General Plan and opportunities for vitalization and enhancement within Downtown Marina. The planning horizon for the Specific Plan is the 20-year period starting with the plan’s adoption date. An overall goal is the orderly development of Downtown Marina in a method consistent with the City’s General Plan and, more specifically, with the community’s vision as developed through the community outreach process. Based on existing land use designations and underlying zoning requirements, described under General Plan land use designations above, potential buildout of the Specific Plan could include approximately an additional 1,385,000 square feet of new retail and office space and 2,904 new housing units. When added to existing development, the Plan area could include a total of up to approximately 2,390,000 square feet of commercial and retail space and up to 5,205 housing units. However, the pace of future development would largely be determined by market forces, and thus it is difficult to determine at what date buildout would occur.
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City of Marina Downtown Vitalization Specific Plan
City of Marina Marina Downtown Vitalization Specific Plan