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City of La Mirada 2021-2029 Housing Element Update General Plan Amendment 2023-1
The State of California requires that all local governments (both cities and counties) prepare and maintain housing elements to identify strategies to conserve, rehabilitate, and provide housing to meet the existing and projected needs of the community. Specific requirements concerning the scope and content of housing elements have been established by the State Legislature. The Legislature, in turn, has delegated the responsibility of implementing its directives to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The HCD is responsible for ensuring that State housing law is being implemented at the local level. To monitor compliance with these requirements and the State’s overall housing policies, all housing elements must also be reviewed by HCD prior to, and following, their adoption by the local government. The policies and implementing programs contained in the Housing Element will serve as the City’s blueprint in defining how the existing housing stock in La Mirada is to be maintained and conserved while facilitating new residential development in accordance with State law. The focus of the Housing Element is to establish a comprehensive and long-range planning strategy that specifically addresses the City’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). The current RHNA (Cycle 6) covers the eight-year planning period of June 30, 2021 to October 15, 2029. The Housing Element identifies the following: 1) housing needs 2) constraints to housing development 3) housing resources (available sites and funding sources) and 4) a housing plan, with goals, policies, and implementation actions that further housing opportunities for La Mirada residents. The proposed Housing Element is designed to support the achievement of the City’s Sixth Cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) which is 1,962 dwelling units.
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City of La Mirada City of La Mirada Hosing Element Update - 6th Cycle Update 2021-2029
City of La Mirada City of La Mirada 2021-2029 Housing Element Update General Plan Amendment 2023-1