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PLER2022-00082 7801 Santa Juanita Ave Grading Permit
The project consists of a grading permit for approximately 1,200 cubic yards of cut and fill operations. If approved, the applicant proposes to construct a 5,618-square foot residence with an attached garage. The project would also construct a new, 930 linear foot driveway and concrete-paved fire turnaround. Construction of the driveway would compact the lower 12-inches of soil and place a 6-inch aggregate base on top of the compacted area. The proposed driveway is 16-feet wide with one-foot shoulders. The proposed driveway will cross a wetland swale and will either place fill and a culvert within the feature or would construct a 20-foot-long bridge in order to clear span it. The project as proposed would remove 31 native blue oaks due to grading for the driveway and house. As a condition of the grading permit, Sacramento County Department of Transportation (DOT) is requiring 150 feet of the subject parcel to provide 18-foot half pavement section in accordance with County improvement standards. The design, location, and specifications of necessary street improvements shall conform to the County of Sacramento Improvement Standards and County of Sacramento Construction Specifications, as adopted by the Board of Supervisors.
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Sacramento County PLER2022-00082 7801 Santa Juanita Ave Grading Permit
Sacramento County PLER2022-00082 7801 Santa Juanita Ave Grading Permit