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PLER2022-00005 Carmichael Recreation and Park District Master Plan Update
The Carmichael Recreation and Park District (CRPD or District) prepared an update to the District Master Plan in 2021. The Master Plan Update identifies recommendations for park maintenance and improvements for 12 parks within the District . The framework for operation and specific improvements are listed for each park site including currently developed, undeveloped, and partially developed parks. Improvements to existing developed park facilities will include replacing aging amenities such as picnic areas, parking lots, sport fields, and park associated structures. Park sites or portions of park sites currently not developed will be enhanced with park facilities to serve nearby urban areas and residential communities. Specific design programs for each park site aim to provide high quality, well-managed and well-maintained park and recreation facilities. Public input was utilized in determining overall community needs and development priorities for the specified park sites. The Community Needs Assessment outlined in the proposed Master Plan Update identifies key public involvement findings, existing park and recreation resources owned by both the CRPD and other public providers, current level of service provided by the parks and recreation facilities and assesses the overall need for park and recreation facilities in the Carmichael Recreation Park District planning area. The Master Plan Update is intended to guide park development; however, it is acknowledged that not all amenities will be completed in the life of this Update. In 2022, the community voted to pass a $30 million park bond and CRPD staff have identified park amenities and improvements to be completed in the short-term (next 5-7 years) and long-term (beyond seven years) based on the funding available at this time. Short-term projects are evaluated in this document at a programmatic or project level depending on the amount of information known at the time of writing this document. Long-term projects are listed for informational purposes only and are not evaluated at a project level in this document since siting and design is too speculative at this time.
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Sacramento County PLER2022-00005 Carmichael Recreation and Park District Master Plan Update
Sacramento County PLER2022-00005 Carmichael Recreation and Park District Master Plan Update