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Cornerstone Bible Church Expansion
The City of Glendora is considering an application to permit the expansion of and improvements to the Cornerstone Bible Church. The proposed project, which would be developed in two phases, includes the construction of a new 18,760 square-foot worship center building with a ground-floor sanctuary and subterranean level that would house the classrooms, nursery rooms, storage rooms, and offices. Other project elements include a new parking lot, new storage building, and new children’s playground area. The sanctuary of the new worship center would accommodate 350 persons. The project also includes various hardscape and landscape improvements. Project implementation includes demolition of four of the six existing former residential structures and accessory buildings onsite, demolition of the parking lot and drive aisle, removal of the modular buildings and playground area, and demolition and removal of various hardscape and landscape improvements throughout. The existing two-story stone-façade church building, which functions as the existing worship center, would remain in its existing condition and be repurposed for other church uses. The existing former two-story residential structure at the corner of N. Vista Bonita Avenue and E. Whitcomb Avenue would also remain due to its local historic significance and would be repurposed for other church uses. Additionally, no modifications or improvements are proposed to the existing former single-story residential structure in the northwestern end of the project site. Discretionary actions and approvals required for project implementation include a Zone Change, Conditional Use Permit Amendment, Tentative Parcel Map, and Development Plan Review.
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City of Glendora Cornerstone Bible Church Expansion
City of Glendora Cornerstone Bible Church Expansion